33 – Why Are You a Chihuahua?

The Chihuahua, I guess that’s what we’re doing this week. Among the small dogs we’ve done, Chihuahuas are the smallest we’ve covered. So small, their breed recognition has only a disparity of two pounds that they can be within to even get accepted into dog shows. Since they’re so small, they also live nearly as long as horses.

One who knows a little bit of geography, may be quick realize the chihuahua may be named after Chihuahua, Mexico. Few people probably know they were also called Texas Dogs, Arizona Dogs, Mexico Dogs as well. And that’s about all their history. Well, they have a bit more history, but it’s pretty grim.

This episode we talk about Kyle’s brief but memorable history with the Taco Bell dog, as well as Billy West’s extensive voice acting career. Kyle is also impressed that people can get kids or animals to act. Also, we’re back to a regular schedule after this, since we recorded this right after the last one. Immersion broken!

Outro song is “Chihuahua” by DJ Bobo

32 – Why Are You a Boston Terrier?

This week on “Why Are You A Dog?” we talk about the Boston Terrier. AKA Boston Bull Terrier, AKA American Gentleman dog, AKA Wicked Pissa. They are one of the few uniquely North American dogs, and although they started out as fighting dog, they’re actually very calm and super friendly. Most surprising thing about these guys? Not actually a terrier.

Now if you’re familiar with the show Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and saw the dog “Iggy”, you’ve probably seen one of these dogs. Depending on your humor, you may or may not like that the dog farts a lot. It’s a stupid comedic relief thing, right? Nope, Bostons are actually well known for their gassiness. If a website is going to talk about this dog, they make sure to let you know about their fart power within the first paragraph. Some even put it in their headline. We are at least breaking the mold, and waited until the second paragraph to talk about their flatulence.

Caitlyn talks about how ghosts are only a problem only in very specific ways, and Kyle tries to coin a new description for dog coats as “glazed”. He also tries to make a really poor penguin comparison. The song for this week is “For Boston” by The Dropkick Murpheys.