26 – Why Are You a Great Pyrenees?

We’re back to requests after the Lunar New Year! Happy March, everyone. This week’s pooch is the Great Pyrenees. These big balls of fluff like to stay up late and party… or it’s afraid of the dark? We attempt to answer the question “Why does my Great Pyrenees bark all night?”

So first things first, the dog is actually named after the mountains in France, called the “Pyreneen Mountains”, but you know, in French instead of English. They are almost always pure white, which we’ll tell you how that helps them out. Since they’re mountain doggos, you know they’re yuge.

We also talk about the greatest debate in just about every dog circle about “How would a dog wear pants?” Other things to look forward to are dewclaws (mostly not about the Delaware brewing company), a very famous General, and French nobility. Also, Kyle gets on a pedestal to talk about how it’s important to put your small dogs on a leash (carry them).

Outro song is the Doggie Rap from Doug.