17 – Why Are You a Greyhound?

This week we’re covering the fastest dogs in the game! The history of greyhounds is actually not as simple as, “It’s a grey hound dog.” In fact, their history goes way back even into the Bible! Just depending on the version that is. Learn about why they’re called Greyhounds, even though they come in a ton of colors, where they originated from, and a brief history of dog racing in the US, UK and Australia. Also covered this week are some cool and unusual facts about their body chemistry and physique that make them so heckin’ fast.

We also have listener mail that clears up the Korean creation myth Kyle shared last week, and it makes WAY more sense, and Caitlyn shares a little bit about the awesome Secret Santa gift she got at work this week.

Heads up we’re taking a break next week for Christmas, but will be back the week after with more doggone good episodes.

Outro song this week is Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia.