19 – Why Are You an English Mastiff?

This week’s episode on the history of Mastiffs is full of amazing names, and a whole lot of speculation. In case you don’t know, the Mastiff is one of the largest dogs around, and probably one of the oldest breeds. By that, we mean the history is completely uncertain and mostly unverified.

Kyle tries to get Caitlyn on board with the “correct” pronunciation of Newfoundland, which didn’t go over so well. Caitlyn and Kyle also workshop a pretty decent movie idea. Did you know dogs can get OCD*? Neither did we! Caitlyn is going to get better about posting artwork and pictures on Instagram as a New Year’s Resolution and Kyle is going to take over the show names portion of the show starting next week! Please leave a written comment and a rating on iTunes if you want to hear more listener mail and help us reach a wider audience. We appreciate all and any support we can get!

Outro song is “Amphibian Days” by Of Montreal. (Surprisingly, Death Metal bands, and Gangster Rappers love talking about this dog. Don’t worry, I spared you. You get a hippy song instead.)

*Not that kind of OCD, but you’ll have to listen to the episode to learn more.

18 – Why Are You a St. Bernard?

St. Bernard, drawn by "Kevin of Miserable Hair People"We’re back from vacation! Hope everyone had a happy Christmas and New Year. This week take on the task of giving information and the history of the St. Bernard, which is a gentle giant that had incredibly important dog job. We may all know about the ubiquitous St. Bernard barrel but did you know that it may not be good for search and rescue? We also discuss how their size can be a hazard, and Kyle manages to bring up Pokemon twice in this episode. Kyle and Caitlyn also talk about a badass St. Bernard sailor who made sure all of his comrades came home safe and has more military honors than Carter has pills.

Outro song is Saint Bernard by Ron Sexsmith.

14 – Why Are You a Brussels Griffon?

Brussels Griffon, why are you a dog?! On this episode Kyle innocently corrects Caitlyn’s French pronunciation and Caitlyn has a meltdown. Ever wanted to know where Ewoks’ looks come from? Or how magicians get birds to fly out of hats (there’s a lot of bird talk in this episode for some reason…sorry)? Be sure to give this episode a listen and learn about the small, not nearly popular enough dog with a big heart.

Outro song is “Yub Nub (Original Ewok Celebration Song)” from Star War VI: Return of the Jedi.

13 – Why Are You an Australian Shepherd?

Happy Thanksgiving! This week on the podcast Caitlyn and Kyle take you on a journey in their longest episode yet. A journey that includes an arguments about the opening about the show, a misnamed dog, a lot of topography, and some unnecessary information about crofts. Be sure to listen to the very end of the episode for some bonus content that didn’t quite make it into the greater context of the show!

This week’s outro song is The Aussie’s Cowboy Song (Australian Shepherd) by Nancy Simmonds on her album Musical Tails, 2nd Litter.

12 – Why Are You a Cairn Terrier?

Cairn Terriers, why are you a dog?! Caitlyn laments at the lack of good information about this cute pooch, and the fact that they draw the short straw when it comes to other terrier breeds. They also both go on about rock formations and landscapes, and how The Who’s “Tommy” relates to the Cairns. Doesn’t make sense? Listen to the episode.

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