3 – Why Are You an Irish Setter?

Irish setters, why are you a dog? On this weeks show (which thankfully wasn’t delayed by Hurricane Irma) Caitlyn describes the convoluted breeding history of the Irish Setter and makes a really bad Shawshank Redemption joke that doesn’t land. Caitlyn and Kyle also marvel about how bird hunting worked before guns, Caitlyn still can’t get her dates right and is extra salty about dog shows now.

We’re currently taking dog requests and will start doing request dogs after episode 5, so be sure to send them in to us at whyareyouadog@gmail.com.

Outro song is Point and Freeze (Irish Setter) by Nancy Simmonds off her album Musical Tails, 3rd Litter.

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2 – Why Are You a Pug?

Pugs, why are you a dog?! This week, Caitlyn helps Kyle unravel the royal history of the Pug, which includes espionage and dog-sized pantaloons. Pugs are our first brachycephalic dog, and Caitlyn runs through the laundry list of health concerns pugs have (It’s a long, loooooong list), and talk about the most famous pug on the internet.  She also helps change Kyle’s mind on why pugs are actually pretty cool dogs.

Caitlyn and Kyle also challenge listeners to an art contest, where they briefly (and poorly) describe Caitlyn’s dog Willie and ask for art submissions on what listeners think he looks like. All of their personal friends who have seen Willie are excluded from this contest, which means they probably won’t have any submissions. Assuming there are any submissions, winners will be revealed on Episode 15 and the prize of warm and fuzzy feelings will be awarded.

Outro song is Pug Song from the Super Delux YouTube channel.

*Corrections from episode 1 have been received and will be aired in episode 3. Keep your comments and correction coming in!*

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1 – Why Are You a Poodle?

Poodles, why are you a dog?! Have you ever been curious about the purpose of a poodle? I mean, look at them, they look silly, right? Why did they ever cut their hair like that? Surprisingly, the history of the poodle is actually very versatile, and they have done just about everything.

In this episode, Caitlyn explains to Kyle why poodles have funny haircuts, uncovers their entertainment past, and speaks some really terrible German along the way. We also talk about an incredibly badass poodle named Moustache, as well as some surprising information about their military history.

Thank you to Kevin from The Miserable Hair People Show on Youtube who did our amazing original album artwork. Check out them out at Miserable Hair People Show.

Outro song is Let Me Play With Your Poodle by Tampa Red (1938).

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