25 – Why Are You a Chow Chow?

In our last Lunar New Year show of the year, and we discuss the Chow Chow! These dogs are gigantic and very very fluffy. These are also the dogs that look like bears. Strangely, sticking to the theme of other Asian breeds, they are clingy to specific members of their family. It’s so strange that this is common occurrence among vastly different dogs!

This episode has Mongol hoards, Marco Polo and Queen Victoria (who really tends to show up when the dog is extra cute). Kyle was flabbergasted that someone could own 5,000 of one thing. It is mostly baffling that you would not lose them all or even know you have 5,000. Keeping track of things pre-computerized calculations just seems unreal these days. . .

Kyle also screwed up our internal episode notes last week, which screwed up the show notes. We accidentally thanked Nick Hailault for his song last week instead of the talented Daniel Hainault. Sorry about that, Daniel!

Outro song is I want to become a Shiba Inu by Hatsune Miku.

23 – Why Are You a Shar Pei?

This week we discuss the Shar Pei! For our second Lunar New Year dog, we’re giving you another dog from China that almost went extinct during the Communist Revolution. They’re super distinct with their rolls and hippopotamus features, which I’m sure was extra fun for Kevin to draw this week. We also talk about the best event to take place all year: The Puppy Bowl! Kyle gives a pretty good run down of events, which you won’t want to miss.

Outro song is Forgetting We’re Growing Old (The Shar Pei Song) by Daniel Hainault.

22 – Why Are You a Shih Tzu?

Happy Year of the Dog! For the Lunar New Year, we’ll be doing a series on Asian dogs and the first week is all about the Shih Tzu. We tackle the question of what is a Shih Tzu? So many names for such a small dog. You’ll be surprised to know that the dog is not pronounced “Shit Zoo”, as we all think it is, but pretty much exactly how it’s spelled.

This episode has eunuchs, lions, casual racism and a ridiculous pronunciation guide. Kyle and Caitlyn also learned new medical terminology, and think it would be a great band name. What is it, you ask? You’ll just have to listen!

Outro song is The Shih Tzu Song by Backyard Haircuts.

21 – Why Are You a Xoloitzcuintli?

This week, we discuss a dog both of us can barely pronounce! Seriously, what is a Xoloitzcuintli?! After this week was nearly cancelled because Caitlyn has a sinus infection (sorry for the stuffy nose voice in advance), the episode takes a turn for the interesting with Aztec sacrifices, Chupacabras, and an expedition. There’s also an appearance by Christopher Columbus, and Caitlyn gives a tutorial on how to be a real life treasure hunter.

This weeks question of the week: what did you want to be when you grew u that as an adult you realized was never going to be possible for you? Or you know, what did you want to be, and actually ended up being? Send us your answers at whyareyouadog@gmail.com or use the contact form here.

Outro song is Yolo Xolo by Bizaardvark.

20 – Why Are You a Jack Russell Terrier?

Ever wonder “Who is Jack Russell? Why does he have a dog names after him?” Well, we’re here to tell you. And no, he’s not related to anyone named Parson… Interestingly, it seems that there are multiple Russell Terriers out there.

This week, learn about the man behind one of the most ubiquitous small dog breeds. There’s also an opportunity to name a potential new book idea Caitlyn and Kyle came up with, to learn about a nightmarish occurrence in the TV show Arthur, and Caitlyn mistakes Arthur for a badger and not an aardvark. Don’t @ her about it.

Outro song is “My Little Jack Russell” by Richie Kavanagh.

19 – Why Are You an English Mastiff?

This week’s episode on the history of Mastiffs is full of amazing names, and a whole lot of speculation. In case you don’t know, the Mastiff is one of the largest dogs around, and probably one of the oldest breeds. By that, we mean the history is completely uncertain and mostly unverified.

Kyle tries to get Caitlyn on board with the “correct” pronunciation of Newfoundland, which didn’t go over so well. Caitlyn and Kyle also workshop a pretty decent movie idea. Did you know dogs can get OCD*? Neither did we! Caitlyn is going to get better about posting artwork and pictures on Instagram as a New Year’s Resolution and Kyle is going to take over the show names portion of the show starting next week! Please leave a written comment and a rating on iTunes if you want to hear more listener mail and help us reach a wider audience. We appreciate all and any support we can get!

Outro song is “Amphibian Days” by Of Montreal. (Surprisingly, Death Metal bands, and Gangster Rappers love talking about this dog. Don’t worry, I spared you. You get a hippy song instead.)

*Not that kind of OCD, but you’ll have to listen to the episode to learn more.

18 – Why Are You a St. Bernard?

St. Bernard, drawn by "Kevin of Miserable Hair People"We’re back from vacation! Hope everyone had a happy Christmas and New Year. This week take on the task of giving information and the history of the St. Bernard, which is a gentle giant that had incredibly important dog job. We may all know about the ubiquitous St. Bernard barrel but did you know that it may not be good for search and rescue? We also discuss how their size can be a hazard, and Kyle manages to bring up Pokemon twice in this episode. Kyle and Caitlyn also talk about a badass St. Bernard sailor who made sure all of his comrades came home safe and has more military honors than Carter has pills.

Outro song is Saint Bernard by Ron Sexsmith.

17 – Why Are You a Greyhound?

This week we’re covering the fastest dogs in the game! The history of greyhounds is actually not as simple as, “It’s a grey hound dog.” In fact, their history goes way back even into the Bible! Just depending on the version that is. Learn about why they’re called Greyhounds, even though they come in a ton of colors, where they originated from, and a brief history of dog racing in the US, UK and Australia. Also covered this week are some cool and unusual facts about their body chemistry and physique that make them so heckin’ fast.

We also have listener mail that clears up the Korean creation myth Kyle shared last week, and it makes WAY more sense, and Caitlyn shares a little bit about the awesome Secret Santa gift she got at work this week.

Heads up we’re taking a break next week for Christmas, but will be back the week after with more doggone good episodes.

Outro song this week is Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia.

16 – Why Are You a Jindo?

Jindos, why are you a dog? This is WAYAD’s first truly Asian breed and we have now covered four of seven continents! If you’ve never heard of a Jindo, don’t worry. You’re in good company. Most people outside of Korea have never heard of them either, because they’ve very hard to find outside of the county.

This week, Caitlyn apologizes for being salty at the end of the last episode, and vows not to say any Korean words out of spite. It doesn’t actually work out that well for her. Kyle is in his element talking about Korea, and shares a really terrible, condensed version of the Korean people origin myth which is not to be missed if you want to be confused.

Outro song is Gee by Girl’s Generation.

15 – Why Are You a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

It’s our first African dog! The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog that was originally meant for the greatest purpose ever. These dogs were bread as lion fighting dogs. In fact, at one point, they were called “Rhodesian Lion Dogs”. I’m not even sure why someone thought to mention their weird back hair. The lion fighting part is way more interesting.

This episode was plagued by misfortune and almost didn’t happen but thankfully we got it into your feeds on time! Caitlyn’s dog, Willie, makes mostly inaudible cameos throughout the episode as he is a Rhodie mix. This episode also features tooth extraction, marriage, Frankenstein dog breeding, The Most Interesting Man in South Africa, and more breed culling (boo).

Outro song is Attention by Charlie Puth.