53 – Why Are You an American Staffordshire Terrier? (feat. Pitbull)

The American Staffordshire Terrier, or the Amstaff, is a Pitbull type dog. What I mean by that, is that when you think Pitbull, it’s likely this dog. Or the South Florida artist Pitbull, who is not to be confused with the Amstaff dog breed. This episode encompasses all of these things, since they have a similar background. Which, if you listened to our English Bulldog episode, you’d know deals with the bloodsports of bull baiting, and not looking like bulls.

As we all probably know, the Pitbull is put in a pretty bad light, as it has a very powerful bite. The breed is not inherently dangerous, but as it’s bite has a higher chance of being fatal. This is likely the reason why the breed has so much legislation against it. Most violent dogs are either abused or trained to be that way. Also, the locking jaw thing is not true. The Pitbull is not part snake. Another mis-informative fact out there, they were not nanny dogs. There is no such thing as a nanny dog.

Caitlyn has some struggles with words this episode. Kyle calls out flat-earthers, and people who get dumb rules made after them. It’s an episode on Pitbulls, but we don’t get too political. Except when we made some pretty great jokes about political slogans.

Song is “Timber” by Pitbull featuring Ke$ha

38 – Why Are You a Leonberger?

We have another request! This week we talk about the Leonberger, the giant breed from Germany that was bred to look like another animal (probably). Which seems like a complicated solution to a simple problem. The guy who created this breed really loved large animals and was a great marketer, but didn’t live long enough to see the breed truly come into their own.

As with most dogs, especially German dogs, the two World Wars took a toll on their numbers. They’ve made a comeback recently and their numbers are increasing across Europe and America. Did you see our Facebook post recently? If you did, you know these guys are the Tom Cruise of the dog world and do their own stunts. They jump out of helicopters and save people who have no business swimming!

Outro song is Take Me Higher by Leon Berger.

37 – Why Are You a Spanish Water Dog?

Fuzzy buddies of the water
Spanish Water Dog

What is the relationship with water and the Spanish Water Dog? Nothing. The history of the Spanish Water Dog, has very little to do with water. Why did it get stuck with this name? Well why is the greyhound called “grey”hound? My guess is that someone must have seen one jump out of a body of water. Then the name forever stuck. These dogs actually have a pretty storied history, and have done many different jobs. Back when a dog was meant for more than for more than petting, these guys did everything. You’d probably see them herding, hunting, and some performing some guardian dog duties.

It’s interesting to consider them being much for water, as they have a lot of fur. As we learned about guardian dogs, they take after the looks of their charge. Typically they might herd sheep, so if their hair gets a little out of control you’re not meant to even cut it, but sheer it. You’re actually suggested to not really alter their look too much, and make them look fuzzy and unbrushed as their natural look.

Caitlyn and Kyle prove they are forever going to just be bad at math. This time, they try to do pretty simple multiplication (I mean, this was on the table you learn as a kid!), and still screw it up. Luckily, they caught themselves, and the show moves on. We talk about other things, but this was not about dogs, so it’s a highlight!

Song is “Bandito” by Perro de Agua (which Kyle originally thought was the other way around)

36 – Why Are You a Catahoula Leopard Dog?

This week on “Why Are You A Dog?” the show gets real. During her research, Caitlyn found some fascinating history about the Catahoula Leopard Hound/Dog/Cur or whatever you call it. These dogs were essentially put into a contest against one another to see who was the fittest. The rules for the contest are ludicrously unfair, and it sounds like either an action movie from the 80s or a Young Adult novel.

We also learn more about how the AKC seems to have something against American dogs. Not only is the Plott hound (another American dog) a recent addition, but the Catahoula still is not officially a recognized breed. What do these pups gotta do to get a shot at recognition? I guess they could always harass some AKC officials into doing what they want.

Kyle tells Caitlyn about his foolproof system to identify whether hats have a purpose. Caitlyn immediately tries to break the system.

Song is Catahoula by The Bellamy Brothers.

33 – Why Are You a Chihuahua?

The Chihuahua, I guess that’s what we’re doing this week. Among the small dogs we’ve done, Chihuahuas are the smallest we’ve covered. So small, their breed recognition has only a disparity of two pounds that they can be within to even get accepted into dog shows. Since they’re so small, they also live nearly as long as horses.

One who knows a little bit of geography, may be quick realize the chihuahua may be named after Chihuahua, Mexico. Few people probably know they were also called Texas Dogs, Arizona Dogs, Mexico Dogs as well. And that’s about all their history. Well, they have a bit more history, but it’s pretty grim.

This episode we talk about Kyle’s brief but memorable history with the Taco Bell dog, as well as Billy West’s extensive voice acting career. Kyle is also impressed that people can get kids or animals to act. Also, we’re back to a regular schedule after this, since we recorded this right after the last one. Immersion broken!

Outro song is “Chihuahua” by DJ Bobo

30 – Why Are You a Labrador Retriever?

That’s right, we finally did it; the most popular dog in the world! Or at least the United States (for 27 consecutive years) and Canada. As the most popular dog in the US, there’s a lot of information out there which means this is our longest episode yet. This is one of the uniquely all around (North) American dogs around. By that, I mean it wasn’t brought over from Europe or anywhere else.

The lab has had many jobs, and some of them may surprise you. Did you know they’re excellent dog tug boats? I bet you didn’t. There’s also two types of labs. Which is confusing, because why not make it two different dogs? There are two different types of corgis, but only one Labrador? Buckle up and get ready for the fascinating history of the Lab.

Outro song is 3005 by Childish Gambino.

29 – Why Are You a Plott Hound?

This week on “Why Are You A Dog?” we talk about the Plott Hound, the state dog of North Carolina. . . and that’s all there is to know about these dogs. Honestly, you’ve probably never even heard of this dog. That may be due to their only recent addition to the AKC. What did you call these dogs before they were recognized, I often wonder.

In this episode, we read a new review from iTunes and introduce a new bit onto the show. Let’s be frank, you’re either going to hate it or love it. Kyle mentions taking filling out a census for New Zealand, and Caitlyn solves some riddles. All in a week on America’s favorite Dog podcast*.

This week’s song is the Old North State by Rick Pickren.

28 – Why Are You a Dalmatian?

This week on we attempt to talk about a more popular dog. The spotted dog we all know as the dalmatian. Everyone has seen the Disney films (animated and. . . otherwise), but there’s so much more to these dogs than just their spots.

In fact this may be the coolest dog yet. Poodles were neat, but the history of Dalmatians is where it’s at. Some dogs only have one job, but these guys are jack of all trades. They’re super versatile and have done every dog job under the sun. There’s also a real reason why you always see them in firehouses! Heck these dogs have a best friend outside of man: Horses. That’s right, this is a dog breed that horses like.

Caitlyn also gets yelled at for being on her phone (which comes around full circle) and struggles REAL hard on a tongue twister that’s not even meant to be a tongue twister. Kyle also, for whatever reason, watched the live action version of “101 Dalmatians”. He illuminates some thoughts on the film that you never considered as a child.

Outro song this week is Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians (because of course it is)

27 – Why Are You a Basset Hound?

Droopy eared dog

We have another request this week! Mike wanted to know about these droopy eyed, droopy eared dogs. They may be slow, but that’s just their appeal. You may have seen these cute little guys running low on the ground sniffing up a storm, and portrayed in as one of the old Warner Bros. cartoon characters.

Don’t be deceived, though. They might seem short, but they can still eat your sandwich off the countertop. This episode is full of bad pronunciations (what else is new?), and dead jokes (sorry?). Please be sure to not @ Caitlyn for all of her bad French. Will we ever get away from these crazy names that we struggle with?

Outro song this week is Hound Dog by Elvis Presley.

26 – Why Are You a Great Pyrenees?

We’re back to requests after the Lunar New Year! Happy March, everyone. This week’s pooch is the Great Pyrenees. These big balls of fluff like to stay up late and party… or it’s afraid of the dark? We attempt to answer the question “Why does my Great Pyrenees bark all night?”

So first things first, the dog is actually named after the mountains in France, called the “Pyreneen Mountains”, but you know, in French instead of English. They are almost always pure white, which we’ll tell you how that helps them out. Since they’re mountain doggos, you know they’re yuge.

We also talk about the greatest debate in just about every dog circle about “How would a dog wear pants?” Other things to look forward to are dewclaws (mostly not about the Delaware brewing company), a very famous General, and French nobility. Also, Kyle gets on a pedestal to talk about how it’s important to put your small dogs on a leash (carry them).

Outro song is the Doggie Rap from Doug.