The origin of this podcast is slightly (read poorly) covered in the first episode of “Why Are You a Dog?”, but here’s a better explanation: When Kyle and Caitlyn went to a Tom Petty concert in Tampa Bay, they had a few hours to kill and walked around while they waited. Kyle saw a dog that he had not seen before and said something along the lines of, “why is that a dog?” to which Caitlyn responded immediately and had an unnecessary amount of information available. Eventually they started talking about other kinds of breeds and what their original “dog job” was supposed to be. As an audio engineer, who hates being able to spend his free time doing nothing, he suggested (read pleaded) they make a podcast where Caitlyn teaches Kyle about dogs. So here it is!

Kyle is an audio engineer who has worked on other podcasts, web series, short and feature films, and even a video game one time. If you need more of him, check out “Mom Can I Have Another Dollar?”, another show with an incredibly long title that is also a question, but mostly an arcade game podcast. Or you can check out his personal website, where he updates it with music, photos and other random stuff that he works on at the same rate we get a Summer Olympics.

Caitlyn’s full time job is as a fundraiser for a local Orlando nonprofit, and she likes to watch copious amounts of TV in her spare time. Caitlyn graduated with a B.A. in History from the University of Central Florida, and lives with Kyle who happens to be her boyfriend and who wouldn’t stop pestering her about doing the podcast until she eventually caved. She has a senior pup named Willie, and an a love for all things dog.