76 – Why Are You an Azawahk?

The Azawakh, or otherwise known as an incredibly long name I didn’t look up, but Caitlyn says it, is a sight hound from Africa. As they are a sight hound from Africa, they are quite similar to the other dogs from the area. Pretty much if you’ve seen a Greyhound or a whippet, you’ve mostly got the idea. The most major difference is these dogs are so thin! Like way more thin than the other two, as those are also really thin.

The dogs played a variety of roles for humans ranging from hunting to guard duty. Although they often had these types of jobs, they are still treated as if part of the family. The dog is probably the newest dog we’ve done so far on this show. Not saying it’s a brand new dog, but it’s a newly recognized dog for the AKC, as of January 2019. Although it is finally recognized, it is still quite rare.

In this episode, we talk about for way too long Elf on a Shelf and Flat Stanley. We also say we’re gonna do another episode next week, but we’ll see about that.

Song is Kel Tamasheck by Etran Finatawa

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