73 – Why Are You an Irish Wolfhound?

The Irish Wolfhound, or wardogs, or just Wolfhound, is a dog that has no wolf in it. Yep, it’s one of those classic “oh it hunts that thing, so let’s just call it that” names. Now that the SEO tracking section is taken care of, Wow. Okay sorry about that little hiatus. We did sort of hint at it, but didn’t intend it to be so long. We’ve just been pretty busy with our day jobs recently, especially Kyle traveling all over the country.

These dogs are pretty ancient as far dogs can go. They’ve been part of Irish history for almost ten thousand years at this point. They fell out of fashion and nearly went extinct mostly because they had one purpose and they achieved that purpose. They removed all the wolves from Ireland. Yeah, I don’t know why we have the story of St. Valentine driving out the snakes. . . Although now that I think about it, does seem like classic UK humor. So let’s just go with that. Also the most notable thing about this dog, they are the biggest one. Like frighteningly large.

In this episode, Caitlyn and Kyle talk a lot about Game of Thrones, and Catholic rank hierarchy. We’ll hopefully get the next episode out much sooner than this one, as Kyle will be home for the next month. Or so we’ll see?

Song is Wolfhound by Hailing Jordan.

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