72 – Why Are You a Bloodhound?

Wow, we’re on a record pace for dropping episodes! Sorry about that folks, but here is the long awaited episode on the Bloodhound! These dogs are THE dog when it comes to dogs and their noses. It can track a human over a long distance, and after a large of amount of time passing. The reasoning for this, when the bloodhound was being created, they put all the stats into smelling.

The bloodhound has a bit of an unknown true origin as they have been mentioned for nearly a thousand years. Those in France suspect they are an offspring of the St. Herbert hound, or the Belgians would tell you it might be another dog. What we do know, is the dog has always had a knack for finding people, either missing or criminals. This was what the dogs were put to use doing, after they were seen to be poor hunting dogs.

Caitlyn in this episode stops the whole show because she tells a joke she thinks is too funny. She also talks about what you might look for in a dog when finding one to sire your pups.

The song for this week is, well you’ll just have to see.

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