71 – Why Are You A Pumi?

The Pumi, not to be confused with the Puli, is another dog from Hungary. To take it back to that last sentence there, apparently these dogs used to be nearly synonymous with the Puli. If you’re having trouble remembering which dog that is, it’s the chorded one we did at the beginning of February. Yeah, so much so that they used to be interchangeably referred to with both names. How this could even be possible, I don’t know.

To actually talk about this dog, it’s fairly new to the AKC, only being added in the last decade or so. It is known for it’s ears that stick up, and it’s herding and terrier type instincts. The dog is actually a treasure of Hungary, and one of the eight recognized dogs from there. Which dog are we on so far? We just did number 3, so I guess we have 5 more to go??

In this episode, we talk about Canada a bit. That’s where Kyle was recently. Specifically Vancouver, which was a time oh boy! We also talk about why we had a hiatus sorta.

Song is a song called Bhoomi, which kinda sounds like Pumi (there aren’t songs with that name.)

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