70 – Why Are You a Puli?

The Puli is another chorded sheep dog from Hungary. A question you might ask, “Haven’t we already done this dog?” No. Well, kinda? The Komondor and the Puli are incredibly closely related. So much so, that they are essentially hot swapping with each other when their shifts end. The Puli mostly herds its charge during the day, and the Komondor guards at night. Also the largest difference between the two are the color of the coat and their size.

The Puli has an interesting temperament in that they are severely moody. They can go from lazy and lethargic to spastic and over-reactive. They don’t really like meeting new people, and if pushed to it, feint attacking newcomers. I say feint, as they are not really known to injure people, as they are all bark and no bite. Honk.

In this episode, we talk about Hamilton. There was an original opening that got cut out, because Caitlyn didn’t want to have fun with it, but we reference it later on. It sorta comes out of nowhere without context, but the opening just replaced dog with hamilton and that it was good.

Song for this week is from a movie called “Puli”. I have no idea what the song is called.

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