69 – Why Are You an Italian Greyhound?

The Italian Greyhound, or the “IG” or Iggy, is basically the greyhound. The largest factor in determining the difference is the Italian model is tiny. They may have been related to another type of similar looking dog, but they were more or less bred down this way. Although it is a “toy” breed, it is also a hound dog. In fact it is the smallest sight hound breed recognized by most organizations.

So you’re probably wondering, “Why ‘Italian’ Greyhound?” Well the Italians were the ones who popularized this dog, as they loved to carry them around. It’s mostly assumed they were used as fashion accessories, sort of how many heiresses attempted in recent history. Because of this, the dog just became synonymous with the culture, and the name stuck.

In this episode we talk about the worst way to try to assassinate someone. Caitlyn has issues with counting, and we also finally learn what Willies dog breed is! Did I say breed? Well it’s not really a breed, because he’s a bit more complicated.

Song is “Stray Italian Greyhound” by Vienna Teng.

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