67 – Why Are You a Samoyed?

The Samoyed is that fluffy white snow dog that smiles. That’s right, it actually smiles. It’s got full on pareidolia going on. Interestingly the fact that this dog can smile actually does serve somewhat of a purpose. Much like the other dogs that we had covered recently (can it be recent if it’s almost been a month?) it is of spitz breed origin. So it is well at home running and working in the snow.

The dog was named after the people who used them, sharing a very similar name. Until someone stole it from Siberia, most of its history was shared with the Samoyede. It was used for herding, hunting and sledding. Although the dog is decently large, it can actually suffer occasionally from dwarfism. This somehow also affects their vision. Genetics, right?

In this episode, Caitlyn and Kyle are kinda sick. We sound awful. In all honesty, I don’t blame you for skipping this. But you would miss out on the debate on what determines if something is outside or not. We also ponder if there are listeners out there that hate when we have asides like that. Sorry if you exist.

Song is “Samoyed Song” by Russelbuck

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