64 – Why Are You a Tibetan Mastiff?

The Tibetan Mastiff is that one giant scary looking dog you’ve seen pictures of. The one when you literally type in “giant furry scary dog” that pops up first. Seeing as how the dog was originally kept as guard dogs, the look is well earned. So if you are trying to rob a Tibetan Mastiff’s house, you’ll probably see that version. Generally though, these dogs tend to have an indifferent demeanor. They are also incredibly lazy.

The dog actually has little human guidance in how the breed developed. Although a domestic dog it is very closely related to the wolf, but has a lot of inbreeding in the line. As it is indigenous to the Himalayan mountains, it is quite fluffy. In fact, the artist rendering we requested for this episode is absurd. Among absurd things, the official club for this dog tries to convince you not to get this dog.

In this episode, we talk about the terror of high altitude aerospace. We also expound upon some of the pop-cultural appearances of this dog. Chiefly the film “The Tibetan Dog”.

Song for this week is Tibetan Monk Throat Singing.

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