63 – Why Are You a Boykin Spaniel?

The Boykin Spaniel, or as I wish we mentioned in the episode, “The Swamp Poodle” is a dog. It is known for hunting wild turkey in South Carolina. The reasoning for the name Swamp Poodle, is because apparently wild turkey love to hang around swamps. Did you know that? Did anyone know that? I thought they were just wild after the US President released them from the White House on Thanksgiving!

The Boykin Spaniel was especially loved by its creators, because it was a smaller retrieving dog that could fit into boats. They are relatively calm dogs, which allows them travel with ease. The dog was used to flush out or corner turkeys while the hunters would shoot them. The dog is also the official state dog of South Carolina.

This episode was originally released on Thanksgiving, which is why we did it on a dog that hunts turkeys. Kyle does a couple South Carolina accents, eventually landing on an impression of an old female co-worker. Caitlyn is unimpressed with his other tries.

Song is “Birdie Brain” by The Fiery Furnaces. The song barely mentions Spaniels, but this was the best I could do.

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