61 – Why Are You a Scottish Terrier?

The Scottish Terrier, or the Scottie, or like 12 other names is a dog from Scotland. I know, surprising. Well, it IS Scottish, but the English were the first to form a breed club around it. When you look at the dog these days, you typically see them only in one color: black. But when the dog was being “invented” they came in a wide variety of dark colors. If you’re still not sure which dog this is, just think of the dog that looks like a broom.

An interesting concept to consider is that Scotland seems to have a lot of terriers. I wonder if this is due to the type of game available in the region, or if Scots like loud small dogs. It could be a combo of both, but why make so many kinds? It is a bit uncertain if the Scottie is the progeny of many other terrier breeds or the genesis. What is certain is that the dog is unique among many other similar types in it’s region.

Caitlyn and Kyle talk about way too fat dogs. Seriously, how do you let your dog get this big!? We also talk about how history is covered in odd ranges.

Song for this week is “Scotty Doesn’t Know” by Lustra.

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