54 – Why Are You A Whippet?

The Whippet, is a dog that is justifiably confusable with the greyhound. They essentially look just like them, but are a smaller version. Not as small as the the Italian Greyhound though, more like a mid-way between. There’s a reason they look so similar, and well, a Whippet is basically just that, a smaller Greyhound. To expand upon their history further, they are the “poorman’s” greyhound. The Greyhound was meant for hunting with lords and royalty, while the Whippet was meant for lower classes of society.

Just like their big brothers, the Whippet does a lot of sight hunting, and even did some racing. The greyhound always seems to get the glory, but the whippet had it’s own unique trials. The racing was often done with their owners waving towels to get the dog to come to them. This is decidedly not as high tech as the greyhound version, which has and still has tracks.

Kyle comes up with a pretty good theory on the origin of the name “whippet”. It’s so good, it could almost be spread as fact. Caitlyn mentioned a source that she pulled a lot of this info from that you can find here:

Song is “Whip It” by Devo (How could it be anything other than?)

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