50 – Why Are You a One Year Special?

Oh boy it’s the one year special! As we have said last episode and probably about 15 times this episode, this isn’t about any one dog. Instead for this episode we flip the concept of the program and have Kyle tell you some facts about dogs. See, there’s a lot of dogs that after the fact, we learned information about and had no good way to just throw it into an episode. We could just say it as we learned it, but if you’re not a regular listener, how would you ever know? So for this episode, we took everything and put it into one nice little package.

The beginning of this episode focuses on facts about dogs across the United States by covering the most popular dog by state. Then we play a game where Caitlyn tries to guess the state dog of various different states. The game only covers dogs we’ve done, with very few instances of what we have not. We also talk about some different records recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records held by dogs. It’s not anything impressive, like a dog usurping the throne of a record over a human. No, these are all dog records through and through. Well, I suppose one record could be comparable to humans. . .

The song this week is “Pug Destroyer” by Animal New York.

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