48 – Why Are You a Rottweiler?

The Rottweiler. Take any thought you had in your mind for a guess on their origin, and then take it and throw it away. Your thoughts on the rottweiler are almost certainly wrong. They weren’t a breed meant for fighting or some sort of violence; they were a herding breed. That’s right, just like the tale of old “Jesus the Rottweiler,” they were originally meant for shepherding others. If you are like myself you’ll find this strange, if you know anything about other shepherding dogs.

Even though the Rottweiler is a herding dog, they are still in a league of their own. Instead of using their eyes for intimidation they would instead use their entire bodies. In other words, instead of scaring you by what they “may” do, they’d outright show you what they could do. Rottweilers may as well have been rugby or hockey players as their constant body to body contact was a given. Instead of making a scary face to the animal they were charged, they’d just tackle you. This even a story that Kyle shares with his personal experience with the breed.

Loyal Listener Lisa asks about the origin of Willie, and Caitlyn shares for everyone to hear. After the story, Kyle explains how he has usurped Willie’s role, as he is now the king of the house. Caitlyn also goes on a tirade on why Chevy Chase (the actor, not the location) ruins all of his projects. Although there is a warning at the top of the show, this is the really upsetting news.

Song is “Rottweiler” by Don Phenom.

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