39 – Why Are You a Cocker Spaniel?

The American Cocker Spaniel (known in England) or the Cocker Spaniel (known in America) has a pretty interesting origin. As the previous sentence may allude, there are two versions of the dog. The split happened sometime around the origin of actual America, and a dog sired another that looked very different than it’s kin. Because we as Americans prefer trouble, we decided “Yeah, that’s the one we want.” Thus was born the “American” Cocker Spaniel variation.

What makes this dog special is not necessarily their big animation debut, but their susceptibility to epilepsy and rage. That’s right, these dogs suffer from rage. What do I mean by that? Well, these dogs will go into an actual berserker rage, where they attack anyone near them. This includes love ones, enemies, and children alike. It’s almost like a really dumb video game buff (or maybe debut?) when you think about it.

In this episode, Caitlyn talks about her interest in reading the book on intelligence of dogs. Kyle is skeptical as it didn’t have many pictures. Kyle does teach Caitlyn slightly about American history, and the length of a dog’s life. The two also talk about the proper pronunciation of “Italian”.

The shoutout near the end is for Kyle’s family’s dog Mr. Fabulous, who had to be put down over the weekend. He was a great dog, but was in far too much pain, which comes with the corgi body. We’ll miss you boy, and although we’ll likely get more dogs, you’ll be irreplaceable.

Song is “Daniel the Cocker Spaniel” by Red Buttons.

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