25 – Why Are You a Chow Chow?

In our last Lunar New Year show of the year, and we discuss the Chow Chow! These dogs are gigantic and very very fluffy. These are also the dogs that look like bears. Strangely, sticking to the theme of other Asian breeds, they are clingy to specific members of their family. It’s so strange that this is common occurrence among vastly different dogs!

This episode has Mongol hoards, Marco Polo and Queen Victoria (who really tends to show up when the dog is extra cute). Kyle was flabbergasted that someone could own 5,000 of one thing. It is mostly baffling that you would not lose them all or even know you have 5,000. Keeping track of things pre-computerized calculations just seems unreal these days. . .

Kyle also screwed up our internal episode notes last week, which screwed up the show notes. We accidentally thanked Nick Hailault for his song last week instead of the talented Daniel Hainault. Sorry about that, Daniel!

Outro song is I want to become a Shiba Inu by Hatsune Miku.

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